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FIRElux - Intelligent Emergency Lighting System

FIRElux is based around an addressable, emergency lighting control panel with battery back-up and features addressable, self contained luminaires and signage connected via traditional low-voltage (24V) cabling.

With lighting units fitting directly onto the standard Hochiki Europe sensor base (YBN-R/3) FIRElux offers the installer a brand new and easy solution to the installation of emergency lighting and signage.


Extra Low Voltage
Less than 5% energy consumption compared to traditional lighting*1

Unique intelligent addressable technology allows control and testing of individual luminaires

LED Technology
Low carbon emissions – less than 5% CO2 compared to traditional lighting*2

Low Maintenance
Less than 1% lamp changes when compared to traditional lighting*3

Graphics Software
Allows instant overview of complete system and assists in maintenance tasks

Simple Installation
Luminaires fit onto the standard Hochiki Europe sensor mounting base (YBN-R/3)

*1 Figure based on tests of 100 luminaires over 10 years
*2 Figure based on comparison of traditional fluorescent tubing with FIRElux installation of 100 luminaires
*3 Figure based on lamp changes over a ten year period for a system of 100 luminaires


  26 Apr, 2011