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Integrate Fire Detection Systems & BMS Seamlessly

Apollo’s ‘Open Connect’ Interface

The advantages
(1) Connects fire and building management systems (BMS) seamlessly
(2) Fully documented configuration in under five minutes
(3) Standard RS232 and RS485 connections
(4) One solution for all BMS protocols
(5) No re-engineering required

OpenConnect Gateway fully integrates fire detection with building management systems (BMS), without the need for complex systems or the use of multiple customised interfaces.

The OpenConnect Gateway is effectively a ‘plug and play’ device that can be incorporated into a fire control panel design, relaying information from the panel into the BMS using standard protocols such as BACnet, Modbus® or LonWorks. This gives both system integrators and end users the advantage of utilising an intra-system communication architecture between both environments, while maintaining the integrity of each system independently

The benefits include faster response times, coordination strategies, and utilisation of pre-planned and/or pre-programmed evacuation procedures in case of emergency or times of failure. Because the gateway is an integral part of the fire control panel, it is also simple to install and configure reducing the associated time and costs when implemented into projects.


  13 Nov, 2012