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New Fire Legislation - Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order came into effect on the 1st October 2006. The Order amends or replaces 118 pieces of legislation, the most significant being the repeal of the Fire Precautions Act 1971 and the revocation of Fire Precautions (workplace) Regulation 1997.

The Order applies to the majority of premises and workplaces in the UK. Broadly it does not apply to dwellings, the underground parts of mines, anything that floats, flies or runs on wheels, offshore installations, building sites or the military. The Order firmly places a responsibility on the Responsible Person and outlines all the measures that must taken to ensure the safety of all the people he or she is directly or indirectly responsible for. At the same time it allows the Enforcing Authority to make sure that it is enacted (by force if necessary) and sets penalties if it is not. It requires the responsible person to carry out a Fire Risk Assessment, produce a Policy, develop Procedures (particularly with regard to evacuation), provide staff Training and carryout Fire Drills. The responsible person must provide and maintain clear Means of Escape, Signs, Notices, Emergency Lighting, Fire Detection & Alarm and Extinguishers.

  08 Apr, 2008