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eBMS Web Server


A dedicated graphics system can be an expensive investment and does not always meet the needs of different users within the organization. Some users want statistics, others alarms and others desire engineering graphics. At the same time, the information is more useful if it is available wherever the users happen to be at that time.

For several years the building industry has been moving towards implementing new technologies from the IT world to provide the most up to date systems possible. Web-based information and control systems interfaces are the future of enterprise building management systems (eBMS).  The web-based offering provides an extremely flexible framework for delivery of pertinent information without the constraints of an expensive software application. 

Graphics systems are customizable to any appearance or style that is required.  All the data that is read from the connected system is ‘live’, this means that when the page loads, all values contained on that page will change to the latest value.

Graphical pages can be configured to show the status of a system using animated graphics. For example this could be a fan spinning, a pump circulating, and the status of a smoke head in a fire system.  The animated graphics also work with live data so the change in a status will be noticed instantly.  Raw data can also be pulled straight from a system and displayed in a text only format.

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