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Emergency Power Supplies


Central Battery/Static Inverter Source


  • Maintenance and routine testing is easier with only one location to consider
  • Superior battery life, between 5 and 25 years dependant upon type
  • Environmentally stable in a protected environment, luminaires able to operate at relatively high or low ambient temperatures
  • Large batteries are cheaper per unit of power and luminaires are usually less expensive

  • High capital equipment costs
  • High installation and wiring costs with essential MICC or Pirelli FP200 type cable to each slave luminaire
  • Poor system integrity - failure of battery or wiring circuit can disable a large part of the system
  • Requirement for ‘battery room’ to house cells and charger circuits etc, may also require ventilation of acid gases
  • Localized mains failure may not trigger operation of emergency lighting in that area
  • Voltage drop on luminaires wired furthest from the central battery could become a problem

Central Battery Datasheet PDF

Self Contained - Single Point


  • Speedy and low cost installation;
  • Standard wiring material may be used (failure of mains supply due to cable burning through will automatically satisfy the requirement for a luminaire to be lit);
  • Low maintenance costs - periodic test and general cleaning only required;
  • Low hardware equipment costs – no requirement for extended wiring, special ventilation etc.
  • Greater system integrity with each luminaire independent of the other;
  • System can easily be extended with additional luminaires;
  • No special sub-circuit monitoring requirements.


  • Limited environmental operating range (batteries may be adversely affected by a relatively high ambient temperature);
  • Battery life is limited to between 2 and 4 years dependant upon application;
  • Testing requires isolation and observation of luminaires on an individual basis.

In general then, the decision to use either a central battery or a self-contained system is likely to be cost dominated. If an installation has longevity and low maintenance as priorities, then the higher cost of central battery may be acceptable on a very large project. Usually, luminaire and installation costs will be a major consideration, particularly on smaller jobs, and it is this criterion which makes the self-contained luminaire the most popular choice.

Self contained Datasheet PDF