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Fixed Extinguishing Systems


Clean Agent Systems

Clean agent gaseous fire suppression systems are extensively used for protecting high-value assets from the effects of fire and also collateral damage from extinguishing agents like water or powder. They get your operation back to normal quickly with minimal damage and clean-up costs. Ideal for protecting business-critical computer and telecoms rooms, and also precious artifacts in archives, museums and art galleries.

The latest and most environmentally responsible fire suppression system currently available

Chemical gas for total flooding applications

Inert gas blend of argon and nitrogen that occur naturally in the atmosphere and so have excellent environmental properties.

Suitable for use as a total flooding agent or in local application. Gas is readily available world wide for low-cost re-charge
Carbon Dioxide

Water Mist Systems

Aqua Safe water mist systems are increasingly being used in some applications such as gas turbine enclosures. It uses the most natural of substances deployed as a highly efficient fine mist made up of ultra-fine droplets in the range of 40 to 400 micron in diameter. It works by a combination of cooling and inerting and also has the added advantage over gaseous systems of removing airborne smoke particles and absorbing water-soluble toxic and irritant gases.

Water Mist

Wet Chemical Systems

Specialist fire suppression system for commercial cooking areas. The Wet Chemical System installs out of sight, remains on duty around the clock and uses a special fire suppression agent that minimizes post-fire clean-up. It rapidly detects and suppresses fire in any type of cooking appliance before there is extensive damage or costly business interruption.

Wet Chemical

Extinguishing Control & Indicating Equipment

The extinguishing system detects a fire in the same manner as a fire alarm system, but in addition to sounding alarms, it also controls the release of an extinguishing agent.

Extinguishing Panel