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Induction Loops

Induction loops for the hard of hearing are now becoming mandatory in many public buildings. Apart from serving as a means of communication, they also support the emergency evacuation protocol of the venue. What is an induction loop? Not all hearing-aid users know the answer. So, the following explanation may be of some help in enabling non-technical persons to understand how an induction loop works.

Most hearing-aids nowadays have a switch marked M and T. Some even have M, MT and T. The M (microphone) position is for “normal” listening, that is, receiving airborne sound via the microphone built into the hearing-aid. The T position is for receiving the sound via an induction coil which is built into the hearing-aid. For the induction coil to provide sound, a magnetic field is set up by a loop of wire or copper foil tape around the area concerned powered from a special loop driver amplifier. In recent years induction loop systems have begun to be provided in public places such as churches, cinemas, theatres and even in the home, where the T facility is used to listen inductively without the interference of airborne background sound. The MT position which is provided on some hearing-aids allows listening simultaneously to both airborne sound via the microphone and inductively transmitted sound via the induction loop.
Why an induction loop? In a noisy environment, or one in which reverberations and echoes are obtrusive, particularly churches, we all find it difficult at times to hear and understand what is said. In such circumstances, a person with impaired hearing, wearing a hearing-aid, can find it almost impossible to hear the speaker clearly. It is for this reason that more attention is now being given to assisting hearing-aid users by installing induction loops in churches, public buildings and in some cases, the workplace.

There are many different types of loops as follows;

Room Loops

Our range of room loops, designed for areas up to 500 square metres, are ideal for Conference Suites, Theatres, places of worship and any meeting area where the quality of sound is paramount.

Room Loop Datasheet PDF 1
Room Loop Datasheet PDF 2
Room Loop Datasheet PDF 3
Room Loop Datasheet PDF 4

Counter Induction Loop

The Counter Loop is ideal for reception and counter applications and is used in a wide variety of locations - retail counters, doctors’ receptions, hospital receptions (ideal for noisy A&E’s), ticket desks at airports and railway stations, police stations, dentist surgeries and front offices.

Counter Induction Loop Datasheet PDF

Portable Induction Loops

Sound Shuttle

With Soundshuttle the hard of hearing are made to feel welcome because they can see the effort has been made to overcome their communication difficulties and frustrations. This is why it is particularly popular for small meeting rooms, doctors’ and dentists’ surgeries, interviewing rooms. With its own built-in rechargeable battery once charged it could be moved to different locations.

Sound Shuttle Datasheet PDF

Table Top Induction Loop

The Table Top loop is a very portable, personal induction loop system and is a discreet alternative to Soundshuttle. The Table Top has its own built-in rechargeable battery and once charged, can be moved to different locations. It is particularly popular for small meeting rooms, doctors’ and dentists’ surgeries and interviewing rooms.

Table Top Induction Loop Datasheet PDF

Clipboard Induction Loop

The Clipboard loop is such a simple idea and yet can make life so much easier for many in their professions when dealing with hard of hearing clients, staff or patients. All they have to do is carry around a stylish, ergonomically designed Clipboard that incorporates a fully portable loop system. It has an integral microphone, a transmitting loop, a tie-clip microphone and being a Clipboard it is also fully functional, accepting A4 or Letter size paper. Just what the doctor ordered. Ideal for the accountant or financial director and of course the Clipboard is available in an executive style leather case.

Clipboard Induction Loop Datasheet PDF

Guide Loop

Nothing is more frustrating for a visitor on a guided tour through historic castles and buildings than not to be able to hear the Tour Guide. Our Guide Loop provides the answer with a long range of up to 3 metres and allows the hard of hearing to enjoy the tour commentary.

Guide Loop Datasheet PDF

Education Loops

Education is one of the fields where our RF Soundshuttle and Clipboard have come into their own for in-class use. The small and compact RF Soundshuttle is ideal for the younger student and the RF Clipboard is perfect for the College Campus as a multi-function product where to all intents and purposes it is an ordinary clipboard but in-class it is invaluable for note taking. The teacher wears a radio microphone and the pupil can sit anywhere within 25metres of the teacher. They will hear clearly with their “T"-coil hearing aids and any number of students in the same class can have an RF unit all listening to the same speaker. Outside the classroom the systems would be switched out of RF mode where they can be used at the lunch table or for group discussions as a normal short-range induction loop device.

Education Loop Datasheet PDF 1
Education Loop Datasheet PDF 2

Transport Induction Loop

This excellent vehicle loop system is designed for people on the move for use in a taxi, on a bus or train, or any sort of people carrier.
This compact automotive amplifier has inputs for a microphone and a connection to the vehicle audio system if required. The induction loop wire supplied can be positioned inconspicuously in the vehicles roof lining, under a seat, across the back of a seat or in a door panel depending on the vehicle.

Transport Induction Loop Datasheet PDF

TV Induction Loop

For the hard of hearing the television can be a battle. If they can’t hear clearly they put up the volume which then disturbs others. The VA50-TV loop provides the perfect answer. It is designed to work with an existing television set, allowing hearing aid users with a ‘T’-coil to listen to their favourite programmes without having to turn up the sound. Installation is quick and easy - usually about 45 minutes. It’s already proved popular in domestic situations as well as hotel guest lounges and care homes.

TV Induction Loop Datasheet PDF

Telephone Induction Loop

For the hard of hearing the telephone can be very frustrating with background noise in the office or the home.
The Telephone Loop provides the solution as it allows conversation using the hearing aid T-coil and eliminating the background noise. It is proving very popular in domestic situations as well as the office, in hotel guest lounges and care homes.

Telephone Induction Loop Datasheet PDF

Door Entry Induction Loop

The Intercom loop combines a door entry / intercom system for the home or office to provide assistance for the hard of hearing at the point of entry to the building. It overcomes the frustration from street noise and enables the visitor to hear clearly using the T-coils in the hearing aid.
The intercom is used in the normal way - the visitor presses the “press for help” button which actives the internal telephone. The person inside the building can now speak to the person outside who with the benefit of T-coils in the hearing aid can listen clearly without interference from street noise etc.

Door Entry Induction Loop Datasheet PDF