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The IP Video market is growing rapidly, having been accepted as a mature technology with a field proven record. IP Networking of security systems will eventually penetrate the majority of the market — it has too many cost and performance advantages not to do so.

The advantages of IP Video can best be highlighted by looking at the disadvantages of analogue CCTV. In many ways traditional coax or fibre based video systems are limited. Installation costs over large areas are prohibitive and the number of monitoring stations is limited due to the investment required to replicate costly switching infrastructure. The analogue matrix is the component that provides control room flexibility for analogue CCTV systems, but this too cannot be easily expanded without adding new hardware and it is location dependent. Therefore overall scalability, i.e. the cost of expansion, is poor. Even though the introduction of DVRs has improved the recording capabilities of analog CCTV, these too are limited. They have to be physically installed near the analogue matrix, and frame rate and image quality is often compromised. Businesses want a single, scaleable, integrated solution which provides high-quality video surveillance across any number of their offices or sites — this is what IP Video delivers.

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