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Perimeter Access Control - Gates/Barriers/Bollards


Many people visualise the secure part of an access controlled area to be inside the building, but for many large industrial and commercial premises, access control is required at the boundaries of the site before potential intruders reach the buildings.


Gates are perhaps the oldest and still the most common form of perimeter access control. The standard gate can operate in two modes, either swinging or sliding.

Gates Datasheet PDF


Standard barriers are ideal where a fast processing speed is required since it’s able to raise and lower very quickly. Industrial barriers are designed for greater impact resistance and are able to cover longer spans, typically up to 10m. Folding arm barriers are typically used where height is restricted. When raised the barrier folds in half to accommodate the lack of height.

Barrier Datasheet PDF

Bollards & Rising Kerbs

These are devices that elevate from the road surface. They are advantageous because they are high impact resistant and low profile.

Bollard Datasheet PDF