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Text Alert Web Server


TextAlert is a software extension which allows all your critical system alarms to be delivered directly to a mobile phone via GSM SMS from over 260 different building systems, including HVAC, fire, security, and many more.

Advanced list of features

TextAlert is far in advance of the more basic GSM SMS alarm delivery applications available. It provides an impressive list of features such as:

  • User grouping to allow logical separation of different customers, departments or connected systems
  • Flexible alarm filtering and case matching to stop nuisance / non-essential alarm transmission
  • Easily configurable alarm calendars allow on-call rotas to be quickly created
  • Text notification of start / stop on call dates
  • Configurable system test messages to ensure confidence in continuous operation
  • Named administrators can be notified of system exception conditions by e-mail (e.g. modem failure)
  • Full logging and history of alarm processing

Custom User Interface

There is a standard graphical interface that can be used or if you would like to remotely administer the system, a web server is automatically built in to TextAlert allowing control and reporting from standard web browsers.

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