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Video Recording


Recorders have become an essential part of the CCTV system, to provide historical records. The use of recorders to store and retrieve video information is as important to a successful system as the camera itself.

Time Lapse VCR

Time lapse VCR’s come in a variety of speed options. Typically they may record 3, 6, 12, 24, 48, 72, 120, 168, 240 and 960 hours worth of video information onto a 3 hour magnetic tape. To record in time lapse mode the number of pictures recorded must be reduced and the speed of the tape must be slower. Whilst video recording has helped to revolutionise the CCTV industry it is not the ideal medium. The future now is digital recording.


Digital Video Recorders - DVR

The main advantages of digital recording over analogue are;

  • Lower maintenance
  • Simultaneous playback, record & archive
  • Faster image search, retrieval & playback
  • Digital signals can be reproduced many times without loss of picture quality
  • Digital signals can be protected against tampering
  • No video tape storage required